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Why did the editor of the largest Evangelical magazine become Catholic?
Mark Galli was the editor in chief of Christianity Today for seven years, a Presbyterian pastor for ten years, and a passionate evangelical Protestant since first responding to an altar call in 1965 at thirteen years old. But in 2020, Galli formally returned to the faith in which he was baptized as an infant: the Roman Catholic Church. 

With All the Saints: My Journey to the Roman Catholic Church is the compelling memoir of one man’s search for the fullness of truth. Through honest and engaging storytelling, Galli recounts the various spiritual, theological, mystical, and ecclesial tributaries that led him to “cross the Tiber” back to Catholicism. Each tradition he passed through—Evangelical, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Anglican, and Eastern Orthodox—he embraced without satisfaction and left without bitterness, drawing him finally to the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church: a Church of saints and sinners, all striving together in the great company of heaven; a Church that he could finally call home.

Honest, insightful, and entertaining, With All the Saints is a memorable love letter to Christ and his Church.
With All the Saints: My Journey to the Roman Catholic Church
By Mark Galli
Published by Word on Fire on February 14, 2022
Hardcover  |  144 Pages  |  6" x 9"
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Mark Galli served for seven years as the editor in chief of Christianity Today, the flagship evangelical publication founded by Billy Graham. Before that he was a Presbyterian pastor and a best-selling Protestant author. But in 2020, Galli shocked the Christian world by returning to the Catholic faith.

Mark lives in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and his many books include When Did We Start Forgetting God?: The Root of the Evangelical Crisis and Hope for the Future and Francis of Assisi and His World.


“While reading Mark Galli’s wonderful account of his own journey to Catholicism, I found myself thinking about the evangelical world from which we both departed and what it was that ultimately carried us across the Tiber and into the Church. . . . Galli’s story, like each story of conversion or return, is unlike any other, and yet it is directed by the same Spirit that has for generations moved all those uneasy hearts that eventually find their rest in the barque of Peter.” 

- Francis Beckwith, from the foreword
“‘Conversion—it's complicated,’ writes Mark Galli at the start of this winsome spiritual memoir, and isn't that the truth? He explains his own with relatable stories and unique clarity, honoring each of the religious places he has been along the way. This book is an example of loving your neighbor.”

- Jon M. Sweeney, author of Feed the Wolf: Befriending Our Fears in the Way of Saint Francis
“At a time when things feel increasingly polarized and even faith institutions seem filled with factions demanding ‘either/or,’ Mark Galli beautifully articulates the much-needed, balanced, and reasonable ‘both/and’ that resides so reliably within Catholic theology, thought, and practice. With affectionate and respectful salutes to the Protestant traditions that have formed him in faith over a lifetime, Galli's learned analysis perfectly complements his honest and human voyage through the Christian ‘tributaries’ of Evangelicalism and Anglicanism (with a brief drift into Orthodoxy), before finally encountering the Tiber and mooring himself to the barque of Peter. Filled with insights and helpful analogies, With All the Saints is a valuable, unique, and highly readable testimonial that Catholics and non-Catholics alike will find identifiable, illuminating, and entertaining.”

- Elizabeth Scalia, Editor-at-Large, Word on Fire Institute, and author of Strange Gods and Little Sins Mean a Lot
“Like St. John Henry Newman’s Apologia, Mark Galli’s account of his return to the Catholic faith of his Baptism is above all the story of a well-formed conscience, seeking the truth in good faith. I can think of no book I would be more likely to send to a Protestant friend.”

- Matthew Walther, Editor, The Lamp magazine


Foreword - Francis J. Beckwith



PART I - Tributaries

Chapter 1 - It’s about Jesus: Evangelicalism
Chapter 2 - Mind-Expanding Faith: Theology
Chapter 3 - Dipping My Toes in the Tiber
Chapter 4 - The Gateway Tradition: Anglicanism
Chapter 5 - Touching the Hem of His Robe: Mysticism
Chapter 6 - Grace-ism

PART II - On the Tiber

Chapter 7 - Flirting with Orthodoxy
Chapter 8 - Disembarking at Rome

PART III - The True Church

Chapter 9 - The Church in Its Fullness
Chapter 10 - One
Chapter 11 - Holy
Chapter 12 - Apostolic
Chapter 13 - Catholic: Mission
Chapter 14 - Catholic: Saints
Chapter 15 - All Together, Now and Forever



Vatican II called the Bible “the support and energy of the Church,” “the pure and everlasting source of spiritual life,” and “the food of the soul.” Yet, for many Catholics, their engagement with Scripture is often limited to what they hear at Mass—and the dull, safe, predictable homilies that obscure rather than break open up the Word of God. 

In Food for the Soul, the first book in a riveting three-part series, celebrated philosopher Peter Kreeft invites the faithful—clergy and laity alike—to a heart-to-heart relationship with Christ the Word through the Word of the Scriptures. Moving through the First Reading, Second Reading, and Gospel Readings for each Sunday and other major liturgical celebrations throughout the three-year lectionary cycle, Kreeft brings the Mass readings to life with his trademark blend of gentle wit and unyielding wisdom, challenging readers to plant their souls in the rich soil of Scripture and sharpen their minds with the Sword of the Spirit.

Whether you are a layperson looking for additional insight on the readings at Mass, or a priest or deacon looking for inspiration for a homily, Food for the Soul is a gift to the whole Church from one of today’s greatest Christian writers.




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